You thought I was going to tell you how to make your first million. Ha. You’ll have to go over to my Youtube for that. I’ve got plenty of videos about making money there. Here, on this apropos site, I’m gonna tell you how to spend your first million. And it’s not all on wine, though I do suggest a healthy portion goes to this category for a few reasons. First of all, why else did you just make a million bucks if you’re not going to enjoy the fruits of your labor? 

Okay, starting with wine, you can both buy wine to enjoy and as an investment. Yes, I’m telling you to spend some of your million on wine to drink now and wine to hold onto… until you can enjoy it later. Oftentimes, people buy a whole case of something nice, elegant, and decadent, putting a few bottles in the fridge for easy access in the very near future (like tonight) and the rest of the case in their cellar to appreciate. Boom. That’s a win-win if ever I saw one. 

No, I can’t tell you how much to spend on wine or which wines to buy. BUT they should absolutely be wines that you can and would enjoy. Not much use buying a case of expensive French Merlot just to have it appreciate in your cellar if you don’t like Merlot. That’s just a waste of money. Again, please refer to why you’re working so hard to make said money in the first place (hint: to enjoy the freedom it provides, not just to watch it grow). If I was pressed to tell you how much is reasonable to spend on building a proper cellar, I’d say either dig around the Shop Mr. Wonderful site here or go to your local wine shop (not a grocery store! A proper wine shop) and check out some prices, talk to the experts. Then do your own math on how much wine you imbibe or how much you host friends and family.  You’re smart, you just made a million bucks. You’ll figure it out!

Next, find a quirky indulgence that suits you and… indulge. If you know me, it’s watches. And guitars. And fountain pens. For you, who knows. Maybe it’s sunglasses or shoes or surfboards. Go on, you deserve it. Buy a whole bunch and enjoy them. Maybe find a cool sunglasses or sportswear startup and talk to them about becoming an investor! Kill two birds as they say. Get clothes or accouterments that suit your style and put that million to work where it doesn’t feel like it’s working.  Or at least it’s really working in the service of your enjoyment. 

One absolute is to upgrade your pantry and cookware. This is essential. It doesn’t matter if you don’t cook that much, but honestly, if you have nicer things to cook with, you’ll probably do it a lot more. You can also think of it as redecorating your home or your kitchen. But eating is essential. I’d rather have long-lasting pots, pans, and knives than a nice couch. Fortunately, I can more than afford both but I think you get the idea here. Feeding yourself is again non-negotiable. And feeding yourself well, if you have the means, is absolutely right above even upgrading your wine.  What to buy here? How about some fun things from France’s iconic, elegant, durable, stylish Le Creuset company? How about a killer home pizza oven? How about that handmade knife set? How about a de rigeur wooden chopping block, like from Boos Blocks (or maybe a truly local artisan)?  Definitely invest in some proper stemware! Reidel has been the professional benchmark for years. 

Do some good. Find an organization that speaks to you. One that does work you’re passionate about. Perhaps something with a mission that resonates. Making a charitable donation does not have to be a one-way street, though. Far from it. If you do find something you can get behind, then giving some money should be the least you can do. Maybe offer your expertise in whatever field you work in, or help them find things they can invest their donations in. 

Go somewhere nice. What’s that spot you always dreamed of? The one you kept putting off as you were focused so hard on reaching your million dollar goal. Go there. Now. If you’ve got your money properly invested and/or with a good broker, you shouldn’t have to worry about going off the grid for a period of time (of course there’s hardly anywhere truly off the grid these days). Again, the returns you’ll get from spending money on your newfound freedom is incalculable. 

And, most importantly, invest in yourself. I recently invested heavily in myself to lose over twenty pounds of weight to improve my overall health and wellbeing. It’s paying off far beyond any hard costs and it will continue to pay off exponentially by lengthening my lifespan. If you have health goals or life goals, bring them to life as much as you can if they’re things that take money (personal trainer, therapist, nutritionist, life coach, business coach, etc). There’s only one you and you only have one shot to be the best version. You succeeded in climbing the mountain, now feel good about taking in the view.

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